Introducing the all new Hey There Threads Explorers!


The Explorer Skirt, followed quickly by the Explorer Shorts, were the first two patterns released for Hey There Threads back in 2013. I’ve got lots I want to do with Hey There Threads this year, but before I could get to that I really wanted to go back to the original patterns and give them a bit of a freshen up so that all Hey There Threads pattern have the same feel and layout to create a bit more of a cohesive feel. As they are currently, or, I should say, as they were, all the patterns had different layouts, you never knew where to find the size guide or cutting guide, sometimes it was right up front, sometimes it was the last thing before you got to the instructions.

Some of the changes and updates you can look forward to in the new Explorers.


The instructions are now illustrated. Photos are great if you manage to get photos of all the steps, but I inevitably find that there is always at least one or two important details that I need to add in and to do so involves taking a photo after the garment has been made, and almost ALWAYS ends up being done in different fabric. From a purely aesthetic point, it’s always a bit jarring to see different fabrics in the instructions. The illustrations are much cleaner and easy to read.


Yes, LAYERS! Woohoo! You can now print your Explorer pattern pieces in only the sizes you require.

Finished Lengths included in Size Chart

The size chart now includes the body measurements,  fabric requirements and finished lengths. This is handy to refer to if your kiddo has a pair of shorts or skirt that you like the length of. You can measure those and find the length and style option that suits best, particularly handy for shorts.

Changes to Pattern Pieces

After spending a good chunk of time dealing with manufacturers over the past two years, I learned a lot about best practice and some super nifty techniques from some incredibly talented people. As a result of this, the pattern pieces have all had some very tiny, almost imperceptible changes made to them. The shorts have had some pretty drastic modifications to the inner seam in particular which give a far better fit and finished product. However, if you have pattern pieces that you are currently using for either Explorer pattern, there is absolutely no need to print them out again, provided YOU are happy with the fit and finish.

As with the Basics Collection, the best part of the new Explorers is that if you already own a copy, there is no need to buy another copy. If you purchased your pattern from the website, as of Friday 26th of Feb, you’ll be able to sign into your account here and the new version will be ready for you to download. If you purchased your pattern from Etsy, I am working through a list to email each and every person to make sure they get access to their new copy. If you haven’t heard from me yet, feel free to jump the cue and send me an email and I’ll get it over to you asap. It’ll help if you can include either your transaction record or your Etsy username in the email and use “Etsy Explorer” in the subject line to make sure I don’t miss it.


Have you created something with the Explorer patterns lately?

Why not share over on Instagram! Use the hashtag #httexplorershorts or #httexplorerskirt and make sure to tag me in your post so I don’t miss it. Love ya!

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