PDF sewing patterns for the attention challenged maker-y types.
You love to make things.

You love to create a mess, but the cleaning not so much.

You love making clothes for your kiddos but you have the attention span of a goldfish.  (Just me?)

You want to make clothes that your kiddo can wear everyday – to the beach or the zoo, the park or to kindy.


Welcome, Sweets.  You’re in the right place.


This is Hey There Threads, the home of gratifyingly easy PDF sewing patterns for fun, practical, modern clothes for the little people in your fam.

The patterns are all designed for the wearer to be able to get the most out of their busy day playing while also being fun and rewarding for the maker.

Here is a place where, taping the patterns together & the figuring out that comes with all new things aside, in the time it takes to brew and drink a pot of tea, you can just about knock over a garment for a little person.  Mostly it depends on how friendly you need to be with your quick unpick while you’re sewing – I have bull-at-a-gate-itis when it comes to making things so I need to be super friendly with my quick unpick.

Hey There Threads patterns are designed to be quick to sew and fun to make.



I’m Kathryn.

Hey There Threads about Kathryn Green

My story goes: I got a proper degree and a real job and was an early childhood teacher for a decade.  Begin my long story about how I had my son, there was stuff that I needed but could find, (in my case, wet bags for cloth wipes when we were out and about), followed by another thing I couldn’t find, (clothes that he could wear and be comfy in and play in and love the sheebang out of life in), which has led me to ‘I bet I’m not alone in wanting quick to sew, easy to wear and forever and a day long lasting clothes’.

Poof.  Hey There Threads.

Ok, so it’s slightly more involved than that, but really, you don’t want to read my life story, you just want the patterns!


So.  If you’re after patterns that are delivered right to your inbox, fun to make, that are comfy for the little ones who are going to be wearing them and patterns you can use to sell the clothes you make, you are in the right spot.

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