Hey There Threads first birthday! Explorer Skirt Edition

Hey There you guys! This weekend is Hey There Threads first birthday! ONE! You’ve been sharing your Explorer Skirts, the very first pattern, for almost a year! This week I’m going to take you on a little stroll down memory lane and revisit all the patterns, starting with the Explorer Skirt.

This was the pattern that started it all, the one that I said, “I’m just going to do it!” with. When I launched it, and Hey There Threads, the only people who knew what I was doing were a handful of family and friends. I can’t thank those of you who found me that first day enough!

I love watching small peeps explore and engage with their surroundings, their fascination for the world around them, even the mundane that we as grown ups overlook, the treasures they collect and cherish even if they *are* disintegrating leaves, gravel from the playground and flowers from weeds.

This skirt is for all the little explorers out their who love their skirts but love getting amongst it too! They don’t want to sit back and watch, they’re not content to be placid and quiet, they want to roar like dinosaurs, stomp like elephants, keep their cars in one pocket and their fairies in the other. They want to shoot down slides, climb up trees and jump over puddles. And they want to do it all in a skirt.

Hey There Threads is for the kids.

Explorer Skirt Wonder Woman Silver Threads

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