A (very overdue!) update

Well. This took a little longer than I’d intended…


Things got a little hectic over at The Smallest Tribe with a new website, a Summer wrap up, a Winter release, Sydney Finders Keepers in May and Brisbane Finders Keepers in July.

The Smallest Tribe AW 2015-42

And that really is only the tip of the ice burg! There’s so much that I’m working on behind the scenes that isn’t yet ready to be revealed.

Point is, I got a little overloaded and some things got waylaid, Hey There Threads being one of them.  I’m doing lots of planning behind the scenes to try and grab back some time to devote to creating and releasing new patterns.  (I have two up my sleeve in various stages of completion as we speak!)

Hey There Threads isn’t my main gig, it’s not what I do to make money.  And that is a very good thing, even if it means there are times when it’s quiet here.  Everything I do with, to and for Hey There Threads, I do because I love it and I love you guys.  Hey There Threads started as a way for me to offer what was missing when I first started sewing for my then teeny little baby son: Easy to use, quick(ish) to make, stash busting, modern and practical patterns for kids to wear every day.  If you’re looking for very involved, many pieces, intricate patterns with a vast array of necessary skills and techniques, you’re likely never going to find that here.

But patterns with simple, clean, fuss free lines and styles?  Easy, basic techniques?  Stash busting patterns?  Patterns you can use to quickly make a birthday or new baby gift?  Patterns so you can dress your kiddo and send them off for a busy, active day at Kindy or daycare or the zoo or the park?  Yeah, that’s what you’re going to continue to find here.

You guys are my inspiration and motivation.  You and your kids and your busy days and creative selves.  I think about how your kiddos move through their day, what they need, how they play.  I think about you, your school runs, work days, households to run, family and friends to spend time with, and I think about how I can create a way for you to be able to do all of those things and still have time for you to do what you enjoy: sewing and making and creating.

So though things might be a tad quiet, rest assured you’re always on my mind and I can’t thank you enough for being here.

As always, love ya guts.

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