All the Hey There Threads patterns are getting makeovers!

Wow, the Hey There Threads family REALLY wanted to let me know what they thought about printing in the PDF sewing pattern world. I was hoping to hear from maybe a dozen or so people. I was not counting on over 150 people wanting to have their say! But because you DID have your say, I have a much better idea of how Hey There Threaders use their patterns, which is really important because….


ALL of the Hey There Threads patterns are getting a make over! I have so much I want to do this year, but I seriously can not take another step forward without going back and giving some of the older patterns a lick of paint, bit of a polish and to ensure the patterns all have the same layout and features. Nothing about the patterns themselves will be changing, but if I have to open up that Explorer Shorts pattern looking like that one more time, I think my brain will explode. I can’t even.

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking, “LADY! I don’t care how awesome the pattern is, I’m sure as heck not buying it again, no matter how pretty you make it!” But just hold the phone, slow your roll, calm the farm, because the best bit is, whatever Hey There Threads patterns you currently own will automatically entitle you to get a copy of the updated version too!


As Oprah once said, “You get an updated pattern! You get an updated pattern! UPDATED PATTERNS FOR EVERYONE!”

For now, don’t stress about all the hows and logistics, that’s my job and I promise I’ve generated enough stress about it to power a small village of Smurfs, so you just hang tight, sister, enjoy the ride and allow the magic to happen.

In my head the first updated pattern will be hitting the virtual shelves late next week.

Wanna play a game while you wait?! Head over to the Instagram page to get the very first peek at the new logo, and let me know what pattern you think will be re released first.

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